Michel Brouillette

This is one of the graves of soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution at the Old Cathedral “French and Indian” Cemetery in Vincennes, Indiana.

I did a bit of research and found that he was Lieutenant Michael BROUILLETTE, born about 1745, in Canada, who lived at Vincennes, Illinois County, Virginia. He served as a Virginia soldier with General George Rogers CLARK of Revolutionary War fame. His wife was Maria (or Ann) CHARBONNEAU BARBE and some of their children were Michel, Jr. who married Marie Louise DeRICHARDVILLE, and Pierre B. who married Julia BOUCHER. Michael BROUILLETTE died in 1796, at Knox County, Indiana. That is all I know

The image, Michel Brouillette, was originally uploaded by cindy47452. It is posted here from Neddy’s flickr favorites.

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6 Responses to Michel Brouillette

  1. Mrs. Jamie McCloskey says:


    I came across this site my maiden name is Jamie Mary Brouillette. My great grandmother had the last name Rachel and I believe she was an indian princess in the 1700s. Would like to investigate further ancesstory. When I came upon this, was very interesting.

  2. Pat Spencer says:

    My moms maiden name was Brouillette. she came from canada.
    mom said that her great great grand father was a fur trader in vigo county and faught with Vigo himself. When the war with the indians was in full battle Brouillette had to prove himself by running a gauntlet that the indians set up. In those days it was a way of proving their bravory.
    He ran the gauntlet and married on of the indian women.there is a creek named after him.


  3. theresa norman says:

    my mother’s maiden name is also brouillette (elizabeth sue marie). my sister found this photo and sent it to me. the legend in our family is the same one — brouillette married an indian princess, shoshone, i believe.

  4. Lisa Clark says:

    I’m doing the family history for the Brouillette family. Here is the link to my webpage

  5. I looked at your site Lisa. That is a wonderful photo collection of Brouillette gravestones that you have. Keep up the good work.
    The site’s URL is: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/l/a/Lisa-D-Clark/

  6. Belinda Brouillette Besnard says:

    I came across this info and would like to add to what I have read. I am the decendant of James Brouillette who was born in Avoilles Parish, Louisiana. The family from what I have been told, came from France to Nova Scotia and then migrated down into Louisiana. I belive his father’s name is Andrew. If anyone has any information to add to this that would be great. The indian princess which my cousin Jaimie refers to is from my grandmothers side. Her maiden name was Jeasonne and her father married a Rachal who is of indian descent.

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