Reuben Cummings Memorial


This Memorial is to Reuben Cummings, Merrimack, New Hampshire’s only Revolutionary War Casualty.

In Memoriam
Reuben Cummings
June 25, 1761 September 13, 1776
Merrimack’s Only Casualty of the American Revolutionary War
At age 14, enlisted as Minute Man
Fought at Battle of Bunker Hill june 17, 1775
Promoted to Drummer July 20, 1776
At age 15, he died and was buried
in the area of Fort Ticonderoga.

Memorial for Reuben Cummings — Merrimack’s only Revolutionary War Casualty . Originally uploaded by marcn.

One Response to Reuben Cummings Memorial

  1. John says:

    A few years back I was visiting a friend in Boston. I play the drums he’s a guitarist. We did a performance outside at Harvard Square. The next day I went to Merrineck NH to visis an old friend, also a drummer. We went to lunch and drove by the memorial. My friend jeff told me about the memorial as we drove by. My comment was, ” we should the kid a pair of drum sticks.” He liked the idea. We went back to his house and hung out with his family. As the sun was getting low in the sky i said I wanted to go back and leave him a pair of sticks. He went into his house and grabbed a pair of sticks, I went into my stick bag and grabbed the pair I used the night before at Harvard Square. Those were the sticks I wanted to give him. As I approached the memorial i could see flowers and Red White and Blue wreaths. All very beautuful but I felt like a pair of sticks is probably what this kid (patriot) would have wanted. We left the sticks. Took some pictures (i’ll send to you if you like)and went back to Jeff’s house. I proceeded to download the photos to my laptop. As i looked closely at the pictures I noticed Reuben’s birthday was 6/25. The day was 6/26. That meant the sticks I left for him were used out at Harvard Square the night before. Coincidently his birthday. As i made this revelation I said “oh my god,,,yesterday was his birthday and the sticks we gave him were from yesterday” Chills went up my spine and I knew I did the right thing. What better way to celebrate the sacrifice he made for us then to freely play music on the streets of Boston. I will be up in NH in July and will be leaving him another pair of sticks. If you saw sticks there in the past they were mine. Thanks for allowing me to share this with you.

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