George Washington Tomb

George Washington Tomb
Mount Vernon, Virginia, 22 February 2006

For two centuries after his death, American school children have known George Washington as the “Father of His Country”. When the great First President died in 1799, Congress adopted the eulogy given my his fellow Virginian, Henry Lee: “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen.” At the dawning of the 21st century the Commanding General of the Continental Army seems to be headed for the dust bin of history. Last year in a poll G.W. ranked about seventh, behind Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

The image, George Washington Tomb, was originally uploaded by Edna Barney. It is posted here from Neddy’s flickr favorites.

2 Responses to George Washington Tomb

  1. Justin says:

    that is such an awsome photo, such excellent lighting as it really sets the mood. Well done.

  2. Rodney Bjornstad says:

    How come nobody has thought to put out the quote on the obelisk next to his tomb:

    “Everything that I have done in this life I have based competely on my faith in Jesus Christ…”

    I have seached the net …and history books…people wonder whether or not he was a Christain….Why is this never mentioned? In an era when we talk about mission statements I think that he ahd a good one.

    as ever,

    Rodney Bjornstad

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