Pierre Grimard

This is one of the graves of soldiers and patriots of the American Revolution at the Old Cathedral “French and Indian” Cemetery in Vincennes, Indiana. The image, Pierre Grimard, was originally uploaded by cindy47452. It is posted here from Neddy’s flickr favorites.

2 Responses to Pierre Grimard

  1. Nicedwards says:

    Pierre is my 6th great grandfather. I am currently working on my family genology, and this is a very clear shot of his tombstone. I have not visited the grave site, but I hope to some day.

    A decendant of Pierre Gremard’s,

  2. Terry Boyer says:

    Pierre is also my great grandfather. What family name are you reserching. I have visited the site. The head stone is not the grave site. The actual grave site is unknown. He is one of the many buried in the church yard. There are six headstones of Revolutionary soilders to honor them. Pierre’s great granddaughter, Mary Greemore (the name had changed), married my great grandfather Francis Boye (which became Boyer. Pierre was mustered out of service in Virginia. He was in Vincennes when George Rogers Clark Took Fort Vincennes from the British and signed a letter of loylty to Clarkand the United States.

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