Casimir Pulaski


Brigadier-General Count Pulaski, age 33, fell mortally wounded while heading a cavalry charge before the British lines, at the Siege of Savannah, on 9 October 1779.

Casimir Pulaski was born in the province of Lithuania, Poland, in the year 1746. He Arrived in the United States in 1777, and volunteered his services to the American revolutionaries in “the great and glorious cause of Liberty and Freedom from British tyranny”. He was awarded a commission from the new government as Brigadier-General of Cavalry. He fought gallantly in battle at Brandwine, Germantown, Trenton, Charleston, and finally, at Savannah.

The cornerstone of the Pulaski Monument was erected on 11 October 1853. Present for the occasion were Savannah militia units, local Masonic lodges, and a large number of local citizens, where the following tribute to Pulaski was read:

“This parchment is to record the laying of the corner-stone of a Monument in the centre of Monterey Square, at the junction of Bull and Wayne streets, (City of Savannah) to the memory of Brigadier-General Count Pulaski, who fell mortally wounded by a swivel shot while on a charge at the head of a body of cavalry before the British lines, at the Siege of Savannah, on the ninth day of October, seventeen hundred and seventy-nine.”

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