A Nation Remembered

June 20, 2006

Revolutionary War Image

The Bicentennial of the United States of America.

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Lieutenant Thomas Hardy

June 20, 2006


"Erected to the memory of Lieut. Thomas Hardy, who died July 25, 1816, age  60." Revolutionary War Veteran Grave, Town Cemetery – Dublin, New Hampshire

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Nathan Hale Statue

June 19, 2006


Nathan Hale was born June 6, 1755, in Coventry, Connecticut, to a family of twelve children. He entered Yale at age fourteen to study to become a schoolteacher. After graduating he taught school for two years until the Revolution called. On July 6, 1775, he was commissioned a lieutenant in the Seventh Connecticut militia and later joined the Continental Army in the Nineteenth Continental Regiment stationed in Boston.

When General George Washington called for a volunteer to infiltrate enemy land, Hale was the only person to accept the assignment. Nathan Hale went under cover as a Dutch schoolmaster for the Revolutionary cause. He entered British occupied New York to collect information. Lacking basic training in the art of spying he was soon captured by the British and hanged on September 22, 1776. The British executioner asked him if he had any final words, and he responded “I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country.” Nathan Hale was the first American captured and executed for spying.

This memorial to him was erected by the Chicago Tribune, and dedicated on June 4, 1940. It is a replica of the statue of Hale that sits on the old campus of Yale University and another installed in his birthplace of Coventry, Connecticut. The image, Chicago – Nathan Hale statue, was originally uploaded by wallyg. It is posted here from Neddy’s flickr favorites.

Soldier’s Grave

June 18, 2006


Henry ELLIS was a soldier of the American Revolution. His gravesite is located at North Cemetery, Keene, New Hampshire.

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Captain Samuel Rice

June 14, 2006


The gravestone of Samuel Rice (1751-1802) is at the Saint John's Episcopal Church Cemetery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It has a county marker designating him as "a veteran".

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Revolutionary War Marker

June 14, 2006

Redbone Cemetery, Warren County, Mississippi.

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The Crossing

June 3, 2006

Washington crossed the Delaware River on a frigid December 25th in 1776. There is a famous portrait by Leutze of the historic event.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

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