Joshua Younger, Patriot

Revolutionary War Image

Revolutionary War Marker of Joshua Younger (1755-1834), Leatherwood Cemetary, Bedford, Indiana.

The image, Joshua Younger headstone, was originally uploaded at Flickr by KimberlyD. It is posted here by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool..

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  1. rebd72 says:

    This is my great (x6) grandfather.

  2. Melinda Cohenour says:

    Joshua Logan Younger (who was at Valley Forge under George Washington when the 12th Regiment of the Continental Army Virginia under James Wood was attached to the General Army over the winter of 1776-1777) is my 5G-Grandfather, one of seven in my direct line who fought in the Revolutionary War. The others are:
    George Hempleman (son of Baron von Hempleman, Hesse Castle, Germany) 5G-Grandfather; Benjamin Wright of Rowan County, North Carolina (married Barbara Morgan) 5-G-Grandfather; David Motley Ellington (Amelia County, Virginia, whose Allington family emigrated from England) 5-G Grandfather who fought in the Battle of Cowpens, Guilford Courthouse and then witnessed the surrender of Cornwallis’ sword to General George Washington at Yorke Town, Virginia; Jacob Peter Gilstrap, Jr.; (Old Gilstrap-Gilstrop Family of England emigrated to America about 1725) North Carolina Militia; Joseph Alexander (Immigrant from Ulster, County Tyrone, Ireland) 4G-Grandfather; and Richard Malone, (Irish Immigrant born 1736 County Cork, Ireland) 5-G Grandfather whose daughter Frances was wed to Joseph Alexander.

    • Amanda Staggs says:

      David Motley Ellington is my grandfather 5 times back and I am seacrching for more information on my Ellington family. Is this anything that you could help me with.

    • David Motley Ellington is my 4x grandfather. Trying to prove his military service in the Revolutionary War. You have a lot of info, would you share your sources? Other names seem so familiar. Must be in my research also. Any kin to the Ellington’s information would be of value to my military section I am trying to compile. Thanks.

  3. Chris Alexander says:

    You listed 3 of my direct ancestors and I was wondering how you are related to Richard Malone, George Hempleman, and Joseph Alexander. I have a couple of files posted at worldconnect. Thanks Chris

    • Melinda Cohenour says:

      Chris: I’ve seen some of your research online and knew we were related. I’ve capitalized the name of Richard Alexander who was the connecting link to these three people:

      (1) George Hempleman was my 5th Great Grandfather. My grandmother Nora Viola Alexander was the daughter of Lewis Wallace Alexander and Flutie Creek. “Wall” Alexander was the son of George H. Alexander and Margaret Lowe. George H. Alexander was the son of RICHARD ALEXANDER and Susan Hempleman, daughter of George F. Hempleman and Ruth Howell. George F. Hempleman was the son of George Hempleman and Margaret Duffy who emigrated to America from Germany.

      (2) Richard (Irish Immigrant) Malone (1736 – 1801) is my 5th great grandfather, father of Frances Malone (1762 – 1832), mother of RICHARD ALEXANDER (1789 – 1857) who was the father of George H. Alexander (1830 – 1894) who was the father of Lewis Wallace (Lew Wallis) “Wall” Alexander (1862 – 1941) who was the father of Nora Viola Alexander (1896 – 1964) [my grandmother].

      (3) Joseph Alexander (1756 – 1839) was my 4th great grandfather; father of RICHARD ALEXANDER (1789 – 1857) who was the father of George H. Alexander (1830 – 1894) who was the father of Lewis Wallace (Lew Wallis) “Wall” Alexander (1862 – 1941). Wall was the father of Nora Viola Alexander (1896 – 1964) whose son was my father, John Edward “Jack” Carroll (1913 – 1996).

      My tree is online at “Carroll Joslin Family Lines – 8 April 2008”

  4. Melodee Cox-Ashley says:

    To many times Joshua is only recognized for being the 3rd GGrandfather (if my math is correct) of the Younger Brothers. Rarely is he recognized as a Patriot! This picture was taken at what we consider my family cemetery. Joshua Logan Younger is also my 5th GGrandfather w/Catherine Yoter being my 5th GGrandmother. Joshua was a private in the 12th Regt. of the Continental Establishment until he received a wound and rendered him unfit for further service. He was regularly discharged by Colonel James Wood, (Former General of the Continental Army) on Jan. 30, 1807. He received a land bounty for his service on Mar. 10, 1822 signed by Thomas Randolph, Virginia. He had lived in Lincoln KY, 1790, Madison KY, 1795 and Nicholas KY, 1818, before settling in Lawrence County Ind. where he had his pension transferred in April 30, 1838. I would love any family info!

    • micky says:

      sarah younger is my 4th grandmother, younger bros. sis. their father is henry washington younger. he stems from joshua younger, his 3rd or 4th grandfather. my sons name is joshua.

      • debby says:

        hello, found your post i come from peter younger son of joshua logan younger and elizabeth lee,and down peter married abigail dennis daughter catherine married jediah ashcraft , i would love some more information,

    • K.C. Docie says:

      I have Joshua Younger’s land information prior to the Reveloutionary war when his family lived in Kent Co. Maryland in the early 1700’s.

      • Lainie Beth says:

        I am a descendant if Joshua Younger and am seeking information on his marriage to Elizabeth Lee and their children. I am attempting to join Daughters of the American Revolution but so far have been able to prove that Amelia Ann Younger is his daughter. She is not listed as a child on his pension record. But, in the posts on this page, I see other children that are not listed as well. Any information you have would be most appreciated!

        Lainie (Hardin) Franklin

      • Melodee says:

        I don’t know why I was just notified of this post. Lainie Beth, I have some information you may be interested in. Feel free to email me at

  5. Mark Younger says:

    My “paper trail” says I’m a descendant of Joshua Younger through his son, Peter. My dna says otherwise. I, too, am interested in family info on these Youngers plus the following surnames:
    Burnley, Dennis, Laughlin, Perry, Wagner (or Wagoner) and the first spouse of Joshua Younger (usually it’s incorrectly listed as Elizabeth Lee). You may reach me at Thanks! Mark

    • Kim Younger Austin says:

      I believe we may have a family connection through Charles Younger. I would like to exchange information with you on the Younger family. If you are interested please contact me at


    • DE says:


      • Melodee says:

        I know this is 7 years later, sorry! No, Joshua’s first wife was Elizabeth Lee, his second wife was Catherine Yoter. I am a descendant from Joshua Logan Younger and Catherine Yoter.

    • Lainie Beth says:

      Can you provide more information on Elizabeth Lee? Was she not his first wife? I am trying to prove my lineage to Joshua Younger and it is through Elizabeth Lee.

      • Melodee says:

        Joshua’s first wife was Elizabeth Lee. They married about 1772. They had 3 children, Peter, Elizabeth lee and Charles Lee “Col” younger. Elizabeth died Sept 5 1787. He them married Catherine Yoter, also in 1787, (busy year). Their children were John, Stepher, Lewis, Garret, Polly, Sallie, Nimrod and Mary.
        Joshua is registered with the DAR, Indiana DAR # 505765
        I am a descendant of Joshua and Catherine.

  6. Warren Burgess says:

    The official Valley Forge Muster Rolls do NOT show any Younger surnames at all. How did you come up with this?

    Thank you,

    Warren Burgess

    • Melinda Cohenour says:

      Not all names of the soldiers who were at Valley Forge are shown. If you check for the 12th Regiment of Virginia, you will find Field Officers to be: Colonel James Wood (who headed Joshua Logan Younger’s Regiment); Lt. Col. John Neville, and Major George Slaughter. Listed among the Company Commanders you will find the name of Captain William Vause. Joshua Logan Younger fought under the direct command of Capt. Vause. James Wood, by then rank shown “Formerly General of the Continental Army”, signed the Certificate of Discharge along with a fine character reference for Joshua Younger. Joshua’s term of service was from January 1777 through May of 1779. This term of service includes the Winter of December 19, 1777 to June 19, 1778 at Valley Forge.

      The website specifically requests volunteer assistance in ensuring all soldiers who camped at Valley Forge are remembered for their service.

  7. neddy says:

    Private Joshua Younger has been documented by NSDAR as Patriot #A130307, serving from Virginia, born 5-11-1752, and died 8-2-1834, at LAWRENCE COUNTY, INDIANA. His Pension Number is S*W10009. He served in the 12th Regiment, under CAPT WILLIAM VANCE, and COL JAMES WOOD.

  8. Warren Burgess says:


    I agree that Joshua Logan Younger was in the American Revolution in the 12th Virginia Regiment. Yet, he is not listed with the regiment in Valley Forge. Try this site:

    Leave the name blank and fill in VA under state and 12VA for regiment. Click the Go Search! button. All names fo this military unit now appear. No Younger.

  9. Melodee Cox-Ashley says:

    I’m not sure where the info came about Valley Forge. The info I have is from family and historical documentation that shows he was in the 12th Virginia Regiment and served as a Private under Captain William Vause, also spelled Voss. I have no info stating that he was at Valley Forge, (doesn’t mean he wasn’t, many soldiers stayed there). He enlisted Jan. 18, 1777, and on Sept 14, 1778, the 12th Regimen became the 8th regimen. Joshua was wounded in Winchester VA and discharged in May,1779. As I can not find a battle in Winchester in that time frame, I’m not sure if he was actually wounded IN Winchester. The 12th regimen saw action at Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth and the Siege of Charleston. Most of the regiment was captured at Charlestown, South Carolina on May 12, 1780 by the British and the regiment was formally disbanded on January 1, 1783.

    • Melinda Cohenour says:

      At one time, I believe I had the Pension
      Application (handwritten, of course) transcribed. After two heartbreaking computer crashes, I cannot locate that. My recollecton is, however, that he was injured in the leg in the Battle of Brandywine. He was a hearty fellow who refused to give up, repeatedly returning to re-enlist until this injury rendered him incapable. I am not sure where the first reference to Valley Forge was found (been researching too many years); however one such reference appears in the journal of Jessie Jean Ginn (, we find the following:

      The records of the War Department show that Joshua Younger served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Captain William Vance’s Company of the 12th Virginia Regimant of Foot, Commanded by Col. James Wood. He enlisted Jan 28, 1777 for the period of war, was transferred in June 1778 to Col. James Wood’s Company of Foot, composed of the 4th, 8th, and 12th Virginia Regiments and in Oct 1778 to William Vance’s Company of the 8th Virginia Regiment and Commanded by Colonel James Wood. He was discharged April 11, 1779. No records of any other man of this name has been found on the records of the Revolutionary War on file in the office. Copy of report from adjutant General’s office War Department, Washington DC. Joshua Younger’s residence during the Revolutionary War was Culpepper Co., Virginia.

      Family records say of Joshua Younger, “He first fought in the Battle of Boston, was wounded and sent home. He re-enlisted under Col. James Wood and fought in the battle of Quebec under the command of General Montgomery. Was wounded early in the battle and taken a prisioner and later exchanged to his regiment just in time to take part in the Battle of Germantown and the Surrender of Burgoyne. He was with Washington at Valley Forge in the winter of 1778 and 1779. He was in the Battle of Monmouth and others, was wounded in the Battle of Bertheson Bay, served four years and was honorably discharged early in 1770. He was a close friend of Daniel Boone.”

  10. neddy says:

    Great information! Well, I have a question. Anyone know anything about Captain William Vause (Voss), mentioned above?

  11. micky says:

    my 4th great grandmother is sarah (sally) younger. sister of cole younger. her so many greats is joshua younger.

  12. Mary Rowland says:

    My GG grandmother was Laura Helen Younger. She married William Kelley. They had a son named Coleman Kelley who was my grandmothers dad. Would love to compare family info. She was the sister to your 3rd G grandmother

  13. Melodee Ashley says:

    You can email directly at Love to hear from you.

  14. Kim Younger Austin says:

    My maiden name is Kimberly Lynne Younger. I am the daughter of Benjamin Calvin Younger (1927-2005) whose father was Benjamin Harrison Younger (1889-1928) whose father was Charlie (Charles) Younger (1821-1862)and married to Margaret Laughlin. I am lookig for the Father of Charles Younger married to Margaret Laughlin. All which lived in Northern Kentucky, Pendleton Co. Please email me if you are interested in exchanging information.


  15. vada earleen packard says:

    My ggrandmother was Lucinda Younger Breckenridge, daughter of lewis younger of Bedford Indianna. My grandfather was George,oldest son of Lucinda Younger Breckenridge. His daughter Ruth was my mother. She married Earl Zuel in 19023. I wouid like

  16. vada packard says:

    I posted a inquire a week or so . I have not heard anything back.
    As I said before Lucndia was my Ggrandmother, her eldest son was my grandfather, George Breckenridgre born in Indianna
    I am intersted in finding out my ansesters

    • Melodee Ashley says:

      I have Lucinda listed as Lucretia, she is my GGAunt:
      Lucretia YOUNGER-3(Lewis YOUNGER-2, Joshua Logan YOUNGER-1) was born on 29 Mar
      1847. She died on 08 Jul 1929. She married Thomas BRECKENRIDGE.
      Children of Lucretia YOUNGER and Thomas BRECKENRIDGE are:
      i. Lottie BRECKENRIDGE.
      ii. George BRECKENRIDGE.
      iii. Bessie BRECKENRIDGE.
      iv. Ella BRECKENRIDGE.

  17. I have created a webpage that has all the info that I have on Joshua Logan Younger, feel free to take a look!

  18. Jerry Younger says:

    My Mom said I was a descendant of Joshua Logan Younger .. Have you heard of these names John Younger ( Kent County,Maryland )John Jr., Mary,Ruth,& Amelia Younger .. These people married Mary Agatha Dearing,John Ragan,George Caplinger, & Isaac Hardin ..

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