William Hamby Grave

Revolutionary War Image

William Hamby

NC Militia
Revolutionary War

This Revolutionary War patriot’s grave is located at Cade’s Cove, now inside of the Smoky Mountains National Park. The image, Revolutionary war veteren, was originally uploaded at Flickr by empress e. It is posted here by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.


42 Responses to William Hamby Grave

  1. joshuasp says:

    its in Tennessee not North Carolina.

  2. Neddy says:

    Thanks for the correction.

  3. This William Hamby is Blood Kin to me 10th gen. This man was married to American Cheorkee Indian women. and lived in that locatition for at least 30 years with the Cheorkee indians knowing of it and i think it was ok with them ..sence he wasen’t killed. for beining on there land..
    the Cherokee Women he married her last name was Tiption. He was married with her befor 1783 in that locatation befor it was Tennessee back then it was the NC western line

    William Hamby had a Land grant granted to him by Contional Congress
    in 1783 #567 i think email me and ill find the correct number
    to William Hamb they forgot the “y” on it
    640 ac. decription = across line to His
    i take it they ment he was all ready living there when he got the land grant for fighting in the war and serving his country .
    When you marrry a indian women the Man takes the last name of the Women………that how the choerkee indians does it . But alot of English Tiptons dosent know that little peace about the Cherokee Indans \ i have all ready talked to the Cherokee indians about english tiption’s .
    where there is a record of a tiption up there . like “col. john william hamp tiption” indian last name you will also find the english last name verson Col. John William Hamby if you dont find the english and indian version then there a English Tiption and not Cherokee Indian

  4. William Hamby says:

    this is a cool set is cool and and i think that i am kin to this Hamby Like Stephen Hamby said there was a Cheorkee Indian women i my family

  5. Monica Hupp says:


    Stephen Hamby, I would to talk with you about the Hamby lines. My email address is monicahupp@jscomm.net.

  6. stephen hamby says:

    please remove my last post …i will up date it

  7. sandra says:

    hi, my grandfather was william e hamby and he married irene pirkle his fathers name was william t hamby i wont to know if we are in the same line

  8. I am kin 8th generation nephew. His name was not John William Hamby, just William Hamby. His father before him was William, his father before him was William, his father before him was Frances Hamby born in the year 1680. William was born in Baltimore Co. Maryland on Jan. 4th 1743 not 1744 as marked on the grave. His mothers name was Celia. He had 3 sons John, William, and Thomas Hamby. If anyone has any more info please post it. Thanks, Gordon

    • Monica says:

      I am really interested in Thomas Hamby and esp. if he spent time in Va. I am working on the McCall and Cooke,Jarratt lines. In some places it states a Thomas Hamby married Susannah Jarratt. Time frame would be late 1700’s. I did find a marriage between a judith jarratt and william hamby-that might be the line. Any type of help would be helpful and deeply appreciated. Thanks, Monica

      • Judith Rose says:

        I have just started researching my family and have been trying to find out more about the Judith Jarrett-William Hamby children. Have you found anything regarding those individuals? I believe Mrs E A Farris is Elizabeth Hamby…their daughter. Is Emmeretta Hamby Cooke her sister?

    • stephen hamby says:

      Hay do you know how that Tomas Hamby was kiiled ? and did he reside in SC and TN?

    • stephen says:

      hay gordon whats the B date on the John his sons date and the william also..and was john Hamby “john deline hamby,jonathan deline Hamby” or captin jonathan Hanby same john hamby? and wasent william his son in Nc/Sc.1810? census murffy co. cherokee dist. 1780-1810 Big yellow book are thease different ones?

    • Pamela Shook Kolbe says:

      William was born Jan. 4, 1744 in Baltimore County, Maryland. It is on his American Revolution Pension Application. My g.g.grandfather was Simpson Hamby b. 1780 in North Carolina. I believe him to also be one of the sons of William. It was not unusual for a son to be given a maiden name of his mother or grandmother, hence the name Simpson. My Simpson stayed in Wilkes County and married Elizabeth Watson daughter of David Watson and Mary Hamby. Martha Simpson Hamby – wife of William Hamby b. 1702 was the 2nd cousin to Mary Hamby. Mary Hambys’ father was Samuel Hamby b.1740

  9. Yvonne says:

    I believe I am descended from William Hamby. My grandfather was William Edgar Hamby, married to Nettie Clark Hamby. She died about 1939 or so. They had two children, Ruth and Charles Fred Hamby. Charles Fred Hamby was my father, born in Greenville, SC in 1921. If anyone has any info concerning this line of Hamby’s, I would appreciate a reply.

    I am just beginning my search for this side of my family.


    • stephen says:

      hi ask your daddy if he knows a “Ray”hamby =Emerson luther hamby..or Auther Hamby ..mini ,lucil ……..egar,fred ring a bell

      • Yvonne Charneskey says:

        Stephen, unfortunately both of my parents are deceased, along with my Aunt Ruth so I’m not able to gather info. I know my Dad lived with relatives in after his mother passed, but that’s all the info I’ve got. I should look at the birth records in Greenville to see if I can get exact birth dates for my grandparents.

        Thanks for your reply, Yvonne

  10. Here is a web site that may help any in search of family lines. http://www.hambytree.com

  11. Yvonne says:

    Gordon, thank you for sending this info.

  12. this is all i have found some might be perfict but i know its very close.on hamby’s tn nc sc fl ca ect..

  13. Dot says:

    HI, my greatfather was William Hamby, lived in Alabama. My grandfather was Luther Walter Hamby, married to Ethel Kiburn Hamby. Would love to hear from anyone with information.

    • stephen says:

      hi i do beleve there is a connection Luther maby is it ,that my grandfathers middle name and his father was william hamby no middle as i know of but he is burried in Tn. Little Tellico baptest church .all most right in the middle flat head stone..he was married to leonard elizebeth long 1800

  14. Johannah says:

    We are looking for William H.(?) Hamby who married Laura McCullough 3 Aug 1891 in Commanche County, Tx. They had two daughters, Jessie b. 22 Sep 1891 in Hillsboro, Hill County, Tx and Nettie. Jessie is our line. Laura remarried James Holly Monk shortly after but we know nothing more of William Hamby other than a verbal report from my mother-in-law that he ran a ferry and drowned in an accident. We don’t know anyting about when, where, etc. My mother-in-law was Jessie Hamby’s daughter.

  15. Scott says:

    I visted Cades Cove for the 2nd time on 7/2/10
    and the 1st time in the summer of 2002.
    This is an interesting place. I have 2 questions.

    1. does anyone have anymore info on the (killed by N.C. rebels ?
    2. I noticed all of the beautiful pasture, was this where they grew crops ? and if so what did they grow ? Tabacco ? the rest of the area is Mountain. I’m very curious.
    thanks, Scott.

  16. Deby Hamby Semon says:

    My Father is Wesley Dean Hamby b. 1943 – his father was Olmer Wesley Hamby b 1921 – his father was William Hamby (I don’t know his birth) He was married to Nettie Cleo McMillan Hamby and they lived in Oklahoma. His father was William Hamby and I do believe the stone above is his.

  17. Audrey Hamby says:

    I am from the NC/TN Hamby line down from William and Nellie from Wikes County through Larkin Sr, Larkin Jr,Marcus Sylvester, and my dad was Cecil Hamby.
    Not sure how the William at Cades Cove might be related?
    I am looking for a grave of infant who died in 1921
    Marcus Sylvester Hamby Jr. in either Monroe or McMinn County TN I believe. He is the son of Hattie Jump Hamby and Marcus Sylvester Hamby. hamby6363@aol.com

    • stephen hamby says:

      im from larkin jr line also his son william hamby D ..1921 buried tellico plains tn ballplay rd tellico baptist church

      • Audrey Hamby says:

        So the baby’s name was William not Marcus S
        Hamby Jr?and he is burried at Tellico
        Baptist Church? The infant girl is
        burried at Big Creek.Does he have a marker?

  18. stephen hamby says:

    The first comments made by me are incorrect this is a diffrant William Hamby not the same as the one I know of I retract all comments I made It was a mistake wrong william Hamby

  19. Frank McGee says:

    I am not related in any way to Mr Hamby, but I did just visit the Smokey Mountains from SC, and came across his final resting place. As a military veteran of almost 30 years, I always have a deep respect for the men and women who went before me and served this great nation. I was born in Concord, Massachusetts and have always had the utmost respect for revolution veterans. God bless all the men and women who brought this country into being.

  20. David Winsatt says:

    It is exciting to stumble into this blog. I am also a descendant of the Hamby Line. I would love to share information so continue to grow my ancestral tree. Here is my lineage.

    Me: David Winsatt
    Mother: Darlene Hamby +Bradley Winsatt
    GFather: Virgil William Hamby +Bessie Adeline Patton
    GGFather: Andrew Loren Hamby + Sarah Lucinda Randolph
    GGGFather: Thomas Franklin Hamby + Lydia E Hassler
    GGGGFather: Andrew J Hamby +Almira Proffitt
    GGGGGFather: Reuben H Hamby + Elizabeth Mahala Mitchell
    GGGGGGFather: John Hamby + Rachel Simpson
    This part is still under research to confirm
    GGGGGGGFather: Francis Hamby +Norma Lee Davis
    GGGGGGGGFather: William Hamby + Martha Simpson
    GGGGGGGGGFather: Francis Hamby +Elizabeth
    GGGGGGGGGGFather: William Hamby + Jeanne Paynell
    GGGGGGGGGGGFather: Richard Hamby +Mary Sawyer
    And the list goes on and on and on…lol

  21. william hamby says:

    i just stumbled onto this quite by accident. my name is william john hamby. my father was george alex hamby. i am curious. where do i fit into this?

    • Misty dunning says:

      This William Hamby is my great great great great grandpa. “Not sure how many greats tho” I would love to meet anyone that is related.

      • Yvonne Hamby Charneskey says:

        Am still hoping anyone can shed light on William Edgar Hamby married to Nettir Clark Hamby, one son Charles Fred and daughter mary Ruth. IN and around Greenville, SC in early 1900’s. My father, Charles Fred, was born in 1921. I believe William Edgar was born about 1890-1895.

        Please contact me if you have any info realting to that line. Would so appreciate it!

        Yvonne Hamby Charneskey

  22. misty dunning says:

    He is my great great great great grandpa. If you got a Facebook please add me. My name is misty dunning. I’d love to get to know moreof my family iI never known about.

    • william hamby says:

      there are a lot of misty dunning’ on f.b. can you help me out?

      • Misty dunning says:

        Yes there is a pic if me and Bobby Brantly from the tv show lizard lick. I’m in a pink shirt and I am from greenfield tennessee hope to hear from you

  23. Bob Hamby says:

    There is no evidence that this location is the burial site of William Hamby. I actually spoke with the person responsible for having the marker placed. The marker has only been there about 20 years and I have looked but have not found an older marker for William.

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