The Battle of Stony Point

Revolutionary War Image

“Mad” Anthony Wayne’s Continentals stormed and captured the Hudson River promontory of Stony Point, on July 16, 1779, assuring General George Washington’s grip on the strategic location of West Point, New York. God blessed us in those days by giving us a few “mad” men to courageously fight our battles. The small-scale Battle of Stony Point was fought at Stony Point, Rockland County, New York.

The image, Stony Point Guides, was originally uploaded at Flickr by jollyroger05. It is posted here by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool. (7)


6 Responses to The Battle of Stony Point

  1. Do you have any information on the men that fought at the battle of Stoney Creek.Do you have a list of those that died?

  2. Edna Barney says:

    Let me Google that for you: Google.

  3. Don Loprieno says:

    There was nothing “mad” about Wayne’s attack at Stony Point- that unfortunate nickname belies the careful planning that went into the assault and, in fact, comes from a later battle.
    See my book “The Enterprise In Contemplation” for a complete account of one of the most dramatic episodes of the Revolution.

    Don Loprieno
    former site manager
    Stony Point Battlefield

    • Marty Figley says:

      Mr. Loprieno,
      Much of the popular literature published about Peter Francisco states that he fought at the Battle of Stony Point. I read elsewhere that you dispute that fact. Did you find any record of his participation in that battle? If not, why do suppose they claim he was there?

      M. Figley

      • Don Loprieno says:

        Just read your message on November 28, 2012. After an exhaustive search, I have found no record of Peter Francisco at Stony Point. See ‘Enterprise In Contemplation pp. 75-6.

        Don Loprieno
        former site manager
        Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site

  4. In regard to my 1st posting… The soldier I am interested in was James Bleakney (var spellings).

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