Fraunces Tavern

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This structure at 54 Pearl Street in New York City’s Financial District, is Manhattan’s oldest surviving building. It was originally built in 1719, as a home for Stephen Delancey, a Huguenot refugee and merchant. In 1762, the building came into the possession of Samuel Fraunces who opened it as a tavern. It remains so today, serving lunch and dinner. It now also houses the Fraunces Tavern Museum.

During the American Revolution, the building had become famous, not for its good food and drink, but for its rebellious politics. The Sons of Liberty held meetings here before the British occupation. Festivities were held at the tavern for Evacuation Day on November 25, 1783.

One week later, in December of 1783, George Washington made his farewell to the officers of the Continental Army in this tavern. It was an emotional speech which publicly insured that the new United States of America would not become a military dictatorship. From thence, the general retired to his farm in Virginia. Six years later, in 1789, George Washington returned to New York City, the capitol of the United States, to be sworn in as the first president.

The image, Fraunces Tavern-NYC, was originally uploaded at Flickr by Iseult who owns its copyright and can be contacted at the previous link. The image is posted here with that owner’s permission by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.(110)


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  1. throughgrittedteeth says:

    The DeLancey’s were a really interesting loyalist family, who made a major impact on American and British History. I’ve heard a lot about the entrepreneural spirit in the USA, but Oliver was only about 12 years old when his father Etienne (Stephen), DeLancey (1663 – 1741) had his residence built in 1719. (May be some one could check these facts and then make the appropriate amendments at Flickr.

  2. I am very sorry to have confused the name of Stephen Delancey with his son. However, this blog is not the responsibility of Flickr; the images are from Flickr members. The writings are from me.

    If the Loyalist Delanceys had a major impact on American history, I have never heard of it. Perhaps you are referring to Etienne’s building a home which was later sold to an American patriot, Samuel Fraunces, and used as a meetingplace by the Sons of Liberty. Those tavern meetings fomented the revolutionary ideas of governance that were the beginnings of the “shot heard round the world“. Apparently, your Etienne was long dead by then, so could not have had any effect at all on those events.

  3. throughgrittedteeth says:

    Is this a debate worth having?
    Do the Sons and Daughters of Revolution believe that anything worthwhile happened in what were British and French North American colonies prior to the purchasing of Fraunces Tavern.

  4. Richard – I cannot speak for other “Heirs” of the Revolution, only for myself. This blog exists to remember with pictures the specific years of American Revolutionary history, 1775 to 1783. Perhaps it is an effort futile, as Jefferson himself wrote that nobody would ever be able to write the Revolution’s history; that its life and soul would be forever unknown. I am trying to remember those who bequeathed mankind such a precious yet fragile legacy. There is no debate. Whatever happened with the Fraunces Tavern before its birth as a cauldron of seditious thought is of no consequence here. It was but a footnote to the dawning of real history – the birth of a new nation.

  5. Edna – Its a pity that you take the view that real history started with the birth of the USA. Just for the record:

    De Lancey (də lăn’sē) , family of political leaders, soldiers, and merchants prominent in colonial New York. Étienne De Lancey or
    Stephen De Lancey, 1663–1741, b. Caen, France, was among the more famous of the Huguenots exiled by the revocation (1685) of the Edict of Nantes.

    He became one of the wealthiest men in New York City through his activities as a merchant. He married into the Van Cortlandt family and was for 24 years a member of the colonial assembly. His town house, built in 1719, was later sold to Samuel Fraunces in 1762 who opened it as the Queen’s Head Tavern. In its Long Room, George Washington bade farewell (1783) to his officers. Fraunces sold the tavern in 1785.

    (Further information about Samuel Fraunces, which I am sure you do know is that when Washington became the first President of the United States in 1789, he selected Fraunces to be the steward of his executive mansion in New York City.

    The national capital moved to Philadelphia in 1790, and Fraunces followed Washington there, managing the staff of the President’s House from 1791 to 1794. Washington’s step-grandson, George Washington Parke Custis described Fraunces overseeing a State dinner: “[T]he steward in snow-white apron, silk shorts and stockings, and hair in full powder, placed the first dish on the table, the clock being on the stroke of four …” [Recollections and Private Memoirs of the Life and Character of Washington (New York, 1860) p.423]

    Following his retirement from the presidential household, Fraunces operated a tavern in Philadelphia for about a year until his death.)

    Etienne’s son, James De Lancey, 1703–60, b. New York City, educated in England, was a noted jurist and one of the most important figures in colonial New York politics. He was a justice (1731–33) and chief justice (1733–60) of the provincial supreme court and served (1753–55, 1757–60) as lieutenant governor.

    His political dexterity enabled him to control both the council and assembly, and after the suicide of the governor, Sir Danvers Osborne, he assumed control of that office also. He led the De Lancey faction against Gov. George Clinton in politics and against the Livingston faction when that family expressed its Presbyterian opposition to the chartering of King’s College (now Columbia Univ.) as an Anglican institution. He was presiding judge at the trial of John Peter Zenger and was president of the Albany Congress (1754).

    His son, James De Lancey, 1732–1800, b. New York City, inherited the leadership of the De Lancey faction and, although he had opposed British colonial policies, was an important Loyalist officer in the American Revolution. He later received $160,000 for his estates, which were confiscated by the patriots.

    His cousin, James De Lancey, 1746–1804, b. New York City, was also a Loyalist during the Revolution. He commanded a cavalry troop in raids outside New York City before fleeing (1782) to Nova Scotia.

    Oliver De Lancey, 1718–85, son of Étienne, b. New York City, was a British officer who served in the last of the French and Indian Wars and in the American Revolution.

    His son, Oliver De Lancey, 1749–1822, b. New York City, was also a British officer in the Revolution, succeeding John André as adjutant general of the British forces in America.

    … and there is so much more that the Delancy’s contributed to the history of the history of the USA.

    Please remember that the “Heirs to the Revolution” were also on the losing side of the period you are commemorating ie 1775 to 1783.

    See link below about Oliver DeLancey and other Americans who remained Loyal to the British Crown during the War for Independence.

    But it is your history after all, although I do notice you have British roots too.

    My interest comes from the story of William Howe DeLancey (1778 to 28 June 1815) was born in New York City. He died in Mont St Jean, Belgium as a result of injuries sustained at the Battle of Waterloo.

    He was the only son of Stephen DeLancey and Cornelia Barclay. He was the grandson of Brigadier General James DeLancey (1717-1785) and great grandson of Etienne DeLancey (1663-1741).

    DeLancey was one of the first professional staff officers in the British Army, worked for Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington throughout the Peninsular War and was his chief of staff at the Battle of Waterloo.

    He was nursed for eight days after the battle by his wife, Magdalene, dying on 26 June 1815. He was buried near Brussells.

    Much of the above is cut and paste from various web sources. The research on William Howe Delancey is my own.

  6. You have justifiable Delancey pride and it is certainly commended by me. I do not really know all that much about the history of New York, however I am learning bit by bit about the American Revolution, as I blog the pictures at this site. Thank you for all the information that you posted. I am certain that it will be of interest to those seeking genealogical info on their Delancey forebears.

    I have a genealogy blog also, that you may find of interest even though it is heavy on Virginia: Blogsome Genealogy. I have been doing genealogy research on my family now for more than a half century.

  7. 5:32 P.M. Omaha Neb. Happy Fourth Of July. 7-4-2010. Blogging The Revolution. Personally I think the Revelution was a great big Mis-Understanding. For starters the first shots fired, so of what we hear of happened in Massachusetts. Allthough during this periodical shots fired episode there were no British Soldiers there. Neither from New York nor Boston. The shots fired were of two English Men conspiring an effort of non justice. At this period Pual Revere rode upon his horse as usual being of the postal service and all and entered Boston with the news. Aparently the British there had to inspect t the occurance. The Boston area was now full of this police activity, non of the less the words were now broken loose that in a form of rebellion amongst the colonies the charge must be taken to correct and seise the oportunity. This willpower of personage and perhaps nothing else to do during this time, would adjust such an activity to the limit of what is at hand, and would then become somewhat the most important thing happening. Word led out before the troops could tally the venture, and supposingly this is when time was of matter. Matter being grown to another capacity.

    In New York at this time the Sons Of Liberty took over the reigns of Government from William Livingston, when he could not handel the new formed Mob. Every Day the formed colony and others as well accepted new comers to its society. This Imigrant venture brought the capability of organized ventures. These organized ventures were the vocate of society. Some would recognize Law and some would add to the Law. Some would not do either but servive a dayly venture. The Governmental Administration recognized th eGovernment which in those days would be the People, perhaps still is, Adjusted to its capabilities. This new forming governed situation was a gathered ordinance since early times of Colonial America.

    The Sons of Liberty took the reigns, allied themselves with the DeLancey Faction and put it back in authority of the Assembly. John DeLancey brought about this Documantal Situation, The Declaration Of Dependence. This document only consisted of Fifty One members, about 29 were the Sons of Liberty. This was aslo considered two other named groupings, The Committee Of Safty and The Committee Of Correspondence. After this committee the Committee of Sixty One was administered. After this group camed the First Congress, this was also known as the Continental Congress, then came the Second Continental Congress. After this the Sons Of Liberty were in the issue of establishing the Provincial Congress. The Second Congress administered to that degree that 100 members would have to be situated to form this congress, it was administered. During this time the Sons Of Liberty were also in issue of establishing the Non Importation Act with England and its other afiliates. The Sons Of Liberty would only want American Goods being Transported. With this venture at hand and also the inventory of the shipping degree and Merchant challenges, the DeLancey factional Grouping administered these rights No we will not agree with this Non Importational Act. Now the sides were chosen.
    After the French and Indian War which occured after the Albany Plan of 1754 and the early 1770’s or perhaps the 1760’s the millitary soldiers were in affiliation with different Malitias. All in representation with each other allthough not in a military venture. Their exercising and gatherings during certain times of the month were nothing else but drunkin gatherings. The wifes and female capacity were allways coplaining of the drunkiness and un tidy ways of the recuporating soldier. This is when the commanders of that war came to these malitias and gathered them unitingly and suggested they now become a bit more respectable, they were given the name and title as of the Continental Army. This figurable Army was of the malitias of Massachusettes allthough some affiliates did travel from elsewhere such as Connecticut New York and Rhode Island, but it is for certain that most of the Continentals were of Massachusettes. They resided as well as the newly formed Yankees and Patriodical figure supporting the ventures of Father to Grand Father to Great Grand Father that was what a Patriorc was. The Name Yankee was of a name given by The King Philips War, late 1600’s. The English or Indian use to cut the head off of the apponent this name was a long usage and was hard to say this is when it was shortened to the terming of yankee.

    After the Disagreement of the Sons Of Liberty Non Importation Act the DeLancey were not heard of again through the assembly actually the King disarmed the assembly and perhaps this is where we get the term No Taxation without Representation .
    Happy Fourth of July 6:12 P.M. Have to go now and set off some fire works with nephew and neice. I suppose the support of Family way back when had some accountability. Just think American Uniform, British Uniform, and the we have the atire of Congress. Till Next Time

  8. Declaration of Dependence by John DeLancey.

    I’m interested to know about the Dependence thing. When the Declaration of Independence was formed is it now considered a dependency. As one to another being in Independence one would think that that would mean one is yet dependent on the other. John DeLancey the head of the Declaration of Dependence. The search goes on.

    Heres something ales interesting _Legislation_-_Legislative_-_Laegislature_. It is going to get interesting prooving that One individual can be a legislation heading for a legislative persay committee. then for it to go to the legislature. #1-Tion #2-Tive #3-Ture #1 Action #2 Active #3 well spenditure comes to mind but lets just go with this _{ture}_ is pure and true combined. I’m still verifying that so keep on your toes. Art Economics History by David George DeLancey. There probably is other reasons that appear legite to the tion-tive-ture remember capture it only happens when it is in captive vased upon a caption hows that. So if you have an idea for Government it is a Legislation going to a legislative Committee to be secured at a legislature using the ture last represents as you can see that realy nothing else can fit after unkless it is another foring law of standard. Not the end but Till next Time. Hope your Presidents day was Joyfull. I’m trying to Acknowledge mine- meaning I would like to be the president go ahead search. You may find a wonderfull thing.

    9:50 P.M. E.S.T. 2-23-2011

  9. For more information on the DeLancey family search wwwAnciently I used a space but try this short cut

  10. My fault with the Legislation thing… I really messed up, it is suppose to be a Legislative first then a Legislation then a Legislature.

    Happy Fourth of July Again, 2011. The DeLancey Brigade when in full armament traveling through the field had the drum and fife lead the march. They of course did have a small calvary with them, but the main group was behind. The idea for them to be first was to inform the opposite side that they were coming.

    Research of this title, Deputies Director’s General; may be very interesting to the soldier type history of our time. These Deputies Director’s General’s were the medical duty bearers of the American and Revolutionary soldiers of the prior United States. Then they would tend to each other of the same side. Congress enacted a Legislative law enforced as to allow both sides to be tended to and no interference by any opposing soldier. See back then preferably in the summer they would take off their overcoat and only would now have a white linen as to look the part with assistant and medical bag and or later emblem. These medical surgeons would be in fact “Directed as Deputized to the matter of General assistance to the unwilling (meaning the non-operatable-soldier).

    Till Next Time with the DeLancey History Files, DeLancey Faction, DeLancey Official Action, and many more to come. Keeping up with time is very important, its almost like a type of war. We Are Righteous: that amongst other terms, spells it out. I always thought to contain war one may have to start one, so war-on

    Have you ever thought that one can get assassinated, murdered, became the most bequesting individual through how others make you of. It is very suspicious that during the Colonial Periods of New York especially the Family there named DeLancey, would then be attacked through jealousy if not that alone, and become a target of an, if not one attempt but a gathered and adjustifiable attempt. Many sought to take over the reigns of Government in which the DeLancey faction was obtaining. This can involve the Currency Act, Quartering of Soldiers better known as New York’s Policing Force, and the long old trade of mercantilism which brought many to the much of commerce and ordination of travel, settlement, and justifiable law and laws. These pertaining awarenesses could have brought a government amongst a territorial acquaintance, (meaning treaty amongst other things) the apparentness to continue the start of a new. Interesting how new seemed to become the measure of France, Spain, England and Amsterdam along with the Netherlands. If we do the research of Bureaucracy affiliated with the DeLancey Family we may find that a King nor Parliament does not override the talents of administration. Administration pertaining to certain laws has the power of the House. Maybe we should of not only have gotten started but finished the Governmental Administration of power way back when. This is in fact a DeLancey and if administration continues so will government.

    We are the government. This is true based on the fact that most things that involve government will for sure be defined with government. Such as Government Officials. Federal Government. Government Administration Board and the such. How often to we see the term and word Government alone We hire government officials the word itself government can not do that. Although the terming a defined abilities of the word Government can somehow “Enforce an Official or administrative organ to government, notice how “to” is again before it. So Claim It; and seek further representation. One cool source can be David George DeLancey for President of the United States

    2:38 p.m. e.s.t. 7-1-2011

  11. David George DeLancey says:

    You may find this really interesting. Search: Colonial records of the New York Chamber of Commerce, 1768-1784 source University of Michigan Pages 55 to 68 define DeLancey and their relatives, although I did not read all of it. There was other familiar names that could be related. My interest here are the names that kept being attached through marriage, after the revolution via New York Families Nova Scotia and London or England at that. These names are in fact are associated with the new government of the United States, interesting it is.

  12. David George DeLancey says:

    Search David George DeLancey for President. My last post is concerning Edward Floyd DeLancey President of the Genealogy Society 19th Century. At

  13. Ok Here We Go. Happy end of year and the Merry Christmas of gathered beings well to do next time around. Find my Truck Drivers Poem with a Christmas and New Year …….twist……. only word I could think of. Interesting how certain things stick. Anyway go to {please} and also another Poem [only two so far] at Anciently DeLancey rite side less then half way dow. Today I searched Historical Colonial Entities, lots of stuff then I added DeLancey before it. I found a familiar piece of information, although this has more to it. Enjoy and gather your own thoughtful deliverance by of course = + research = = and we may find some interesting stuff in consideration of my post here dated with time, July 4th 2010 7:13 pm

    It is now 11:32 P.M. E.S.T. By the end of this message we will be in a new year with relatively more sequence to the past, fitting isn’t it.

    You may add DeLancey World Wide Wisdom to that entry Historical Colonial Entities, but DeLancey will do just the same. I need to get Permission to enter any information of this information at (A J H S American Jewish History Society) Center of Jewish History – Phone: (212) 294-6160 Fax (212) 294-6161 e-mail : 15 West 16th Street New York, NY 10011 ~~~~ Guide to the pages of the Franks family 1711-1821 [1965-1968] P-142 Processed by Rachel Pollack and Deena Schwimmer.

    This kind of information is very crucial towards the independence and circumstances that actually help form the governing status of The United States of America. have a great find.

    Back when a Tavern was given the name of Coffee House. The Female of the family, perhaps mostly the mother requested it due to the course of drunkenness. Respectfully it was suppose to of worked. This may go back before the French and Indian Wars, or prior century when pirates were active who knows for now, the search again continues respectfully. Till next time with more activity towards the set up of the government and the activity around Fraunces Tavern a place where bed sheets blew in the cold and heat of the night.

    Someone would always stay up in the household to keep the fires going, as where the other off of it’s period would relax in another vented area.

    11:53 P.M. E.S.T. Visiting my brother in Worcester Ma and back to Cape Cod for a time I guess. Hope to go to Nova Scotia sometime and seek out some pre-owned land ancestors acquired. maybe I could see comfort there and establish a base as to assure my affiliations with Art Economics History carry on. three minutes have passed now. four more to go. Check out my for my Truck Drivers Poem It’s very deserving. three more minutes to go.

    What else is there O’ Fraunces Tavern can also be seen at right third column towards the bottom. Pictures of my 7th Grandfather and Grandmother are there as well.

    11:59 P.M.E.S.T. Happy New Year oop’s 12:00 A.M. 1-1-2012

  14. Happy New Year ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2:41 P.M. E.S.T. 1/5/2013

    Search today’s had been The Bureaucracy held by DeLancey

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