Castle William Circa 1634

Revolutionary War Image

FORT INDEPENDENCE, Boston Harbor began as a well fortified bastion named Castle William. Located on Castle Island since the early years of the Massachusetts colony, the fortification was rebuilt in 1644, and burned in 1673. A new fort of stone was then erected, which, preceding the American Revolution, provided shelter for the British. After the Revolution, the name was changed to Fort Adams. It was President Adams in 1799, who renamed the works as Fort Independence.

The image, 000_1555, was originally uploaded at Flickr by Real_Bostonian who owns its copyright and can be contacted at the previous link. The image is posted here with that owner’s permission by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool. (2)

One Response to Castle William Circa 1634

  1. Richard Dey says:

    Fort Independence (under CASTLE WILLIAM 1634-) was planned by Gov Dudley and designed by Lt Lyon Gardiner who went on to build the fort at Mystick CT, found Saybrook CT, and to become Lord of Gardiner’s Island (the first English settlement on Long Island); the 16th and last lord died in 2002. The present Fort Independence, built of Cape Ann granite, is actual the 8th, designed by Col Sylvanus Thayer, the Father of West Point. Edgar Allen Poe served in Battery H of the Castle in 1827, under the name of Perry, and his story of ‘The Cask of Amontillado’ is alleged to have been influenced by the Drane-Massie duel here.

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