Drummer Boy of Bunker Hill

Revolutionary War Image

Robert Steele, The Drummer Boy, At The Battle Of, Bunker Hill, June 17th, 1775.

His grave at Westwood, Massachusetts was decorated on Memorial Day 2006. “Maj. Robert Steele died June 22, 1833, aged 71 years. ~~ Lydia Steele his wife, born April 17, 1782, died Sept. 23, 1858, aged 76 years.” Major Steele did well, going from drummer boy to Major.

The image, Memorial Day 2006, was originally uploaded at Flickr by Paul Keleher who owns its copyright and can be contacted at the previous link. The image is posted here with that owner’s permission by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.(17)

3 Responses to Drummer Boy of Bunker Hill

  1. Susan Victor says:

    Thank You for sharing the wonderful photo. The dog makes the photo very warm and inviting even in a cemetery.
    My brother has been reading ” Rebels and Redcoats” by George F. Scheer and Hugh F. Rankin, cop. 1957 World Publishing Co, Cleveland and New York. On pp.59-60 he read about Robert Steele the drummer boy. The footnote 7 for Chapter 4 says that the information came from a letter from Robert Steele to William Sumner 10 Jul 1825 kept in the Samuel Swett Papers on Bunker Hill, New York Historical Society.
    We are Steeles trying to trace our ancestors. There is a story in our family that says the Steele boys fought at Bunker Hill. This is the first reference we have been able to find with a tie of a Steele to Bunker Hill.
    If others could help with information, we would welcome their help.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    Aloha, Susan Steele Victor

  2. Benjamin Poston says:

    I ‘am related to The Steele’s through my grandmother. is this the same family of alexander steele the leader of the Mcgregor clan in scotland.and reuben steele.The robert steele that i’am related to was a famous frontiersmen in Virginia is this the same one,and revolutionary soldier,

  3. Charles Colegrove says:

    This stone marker Is totally misleading. My own direct ancestor, Edward Bevins was also “a” Drummer Boy at the battle of Bunker Hill. My own ancestor dropped his drum; picked up a musket, and fired upon the British. I guess the :Steele’s family have been aptly named.

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