Saint Michael’s Church

Revolutionary War Image

Saint Michael’s, organized in 1703, is the oldest Episcopal parish in the area of Trenton, New Jersey. After Washington’s Continental army crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve of 1776, these church grounds were the site of much of the fighting during the Battle of Trenton that followed, as Britain’s Hessian mercenaries had stationed themselves and their artillery here. The church’s cemetery contains some notable graves including David Brearly, a signer of the U. S. Constitution, and the infant daughter of Joseph Bonaparte.

Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church is on the National Register of Historic Places (New Jersey’s Capital City, Mercer County, Capital District, Trenton, NJ, USA).

The image, Here Lies Our History, was originally uploaded at Flickr by As Seen Through Hazel Eyes who owns its copyright and can be contacted at the previous link. The image is posted here with that owner’s permission by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.(36)


3 Responses to Saint Michael’s Church

  1. Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer says:

    My name is Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer. My Grandfather and Grandmother, Charles Eli Scott and Charlotte Van Horne Scott were married at St Michael’s on May 14, 1903 by rector W. S. Jones.

    It is my understanding that Grandmother Charlotte’s sister, Martha, was an organist for St. Michael’s.

    Are services still conducted at St. Michael’s? Though I have recently moved back after several years from Virginia to Georgia, I will hopefully be able to visit St. Michael’s some time in the future.

    Though my church letter is still with Christ Church, in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, I have been searching my area of Marietta for a church which conducts Rite One with music. Though many churches offer Rite One – at an extremely early hour, without music and the singing of hymns, I am left to wonder if this is an attempt to drop Rite One entirely.

  2. Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer says:

    I’d be grateful for any information you may provide.

    Thank you very much, God Bless,

    Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer

  3. Betsy Scott Fitzmeyer says:

    I’m trying to leave a comment. Hopefully, this will go through.

    Thank you!

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