Covenhoven Home

Revolutionary War Image

The Covenhoven house at 150 Monmouth Road (West Main Stree), Freehold, New Jersey, one of the largest and grandest Georgian style homes in the Monmouth County area, was built in the 1750s by Dutch settler, William Covenhoven. It was the seat of the large farm of William and his wife Elizabeth. During the American Revolution British General Clinton was occupying it before the famous Battle of Monmouth in June of 1778. The home has been known by various names during its long history. In 1969, the property was acquired by the Monmouth County Historical Association and restored and renamed for its builder. It has been furnished according to a 1790 inventory of Covenhoven’s estate, and is operated as a museum. Virtual Tour of Covenhoven Home.

Post updated 21 July 2007. The image, Covenhoven house, Freehold, is subject to copyright by waisikgwai. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.


10 Responses to Covenhoven Home

  1. Matthew C. Douglas says:

    Hello, My name is Matthew. I work at the Covenhoven museum house. I give tours on Saturday afternoon from 1 till 4pm come say hello and learn and talk about our amazing history.

  2. I hope you get many visitors to teach about our amazing American Revolution. You may be interested in this bit of Covenhoven history too; Peter Covenhoven.

  3. Matthew C. Douglas says:

    I do give some tours each Saturday. I love meeting and talking to people who have an interest in history. Thank you for showing me that link to a family memeber of Peter Covenhoven. You must be very interested yourself in this time period. If you ever have time or would like to share more stories or picture please fell free to email me or contact me at I love getting involved with different historical groups and people, to learn more and do more for history. thank you again.

  4. rebrad says:

    We stopped by on Friday, but perhaps just missed anyone being there (I believe the sign states the house is open ’til 4 and we were closer to five). Were the Covenhoven’s attached to the Reform Church in Freehold?

  5. Kimberly Costa says:

    No, the Covenhoven’s were members of the Tennet Church which is just on the outskirts of the battlefield. In fact they not only were members but donated money to help build the church and purchased I believe the 5th pew in the church.

  6. Sue says:

    You folks probably know that the name “Covenhoven” was Anglicized to “Conover” in many family trees. As a descendant of Covenhovens, I have sometimes wondered what the original name means. Perhaps someone knows?
    Once upon a time, I came upon a shop run by a Conover and upon introducing myself, I found that she was, indeed, a distant relative. It’s fun to make connections with others throughout this country and the world. Thank you for posting this beautiful home.

  7. rebrad says:

    I’m also a distant Covenhoven relative…apparently it means cow farm/haven/shelter…etc…

  8. Bill Conover says:

    The name change to Conover from (mainly) Covenhoven in the New Jersey area took place during the revolutionary era and shortly thereafter. A comprehensive site dealing with many aspects of the Conover/Covenhoven/Van Kouwenhoven family history is:

    Dave Conover has spent many years tracing the family and the site is amazing. Well worth visiting for anyone researching the Covenhovens and associated lines.

    I plan on visiting the Covenhoven House this summer, as William and Elizabeth are my 5th Great Grandparents. I think it will be a facinating experience.

    Kudos to Edna Barney for this great post.

    • Heidi says:

      Hello to my extended family! I too am a 10th great granddaughter of Wolfert Gerretse Von Kouwenhoven. My great grandmother who was a “Conover” did an extensive genealogy of which my grandfather continued working on and then published. “The New Jersey Transplants”

      My more immediate relatives settled in the Ohio area, mainly Franklin, Carlisle and Madison Township.

      At some point I would love to make a trip to New Jersey and tour the home – and get back to our roots.

  9. Sandi says:

    Hi. My name is Sandi and I’m coming to the Freehold area in a week. This was actually something completely not planned and I ended up pleasantly surprised. I was actully going camping in Gettysburg and my plans were changed last minute. When I looked and looked for alternate camping, the only thing decent I could find was in Freehold, NJ. Everyone I tried was booked. It’s strange how things are coming along. I didn’t know that Freehold was rich with history. I only ended up there on a fluke and now I’m rally looking forward to my visit!
    I have been surfing the web and printing info for my camping trip. I will be coming to the Covenhoven House and would like to know more info in the History of the area. I will be coming on the weekend of Aug 10, 11, 12. I plan to camp by night and get out and about in the Freehold area by day. Thanks for any suggestions!

    I have already found allaire village and the NJ Museum of Trans.
    Also, I would really like to know when tours of the Covenhoven house are. I really don’t want to miss this!

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