Lexington Militiaman

Revolutionary War Image

The statue of the Lexington Minuteman is in the center of the town of Lexington, Massachusetts, at Battle Green Square. In contrast to the “farmer” Minuteman statue at Concord, Lexington’s is bare-headed and plowless, but armed with a musket. That is because he was not actually a Minuteman, a farmer, but was in fact a soldier of the local militia. This statue was sculpted by Massachusetts artist Henry Hudson Kitson and erected in 1900.

The image, Minuteman Statue, Lexington, is subject to copyright by Mikenan1. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.

5 Responses to Lexington Militiaman

  1. Mark says:

    The offical handout from the National Park Service I picked up at Minute Man National Park lists this statue as the “Captain Parker Statue.”

    The guide lists that statue by North Bridge as the “Minute Man Statue” and says the following about it:

    The Minute Man Statue was sculpted by Daniel Chester French to honor the citizen-soldier of 1775.

  2. Are you saying that this statue pictured here is of an actual soldier named “Captain Parker”?

  3. Mikenan says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for posting my picture. Regarding the name of the statue, I didn’t know its name when I took the picture, so I just described it as “Minuteman Statue, Lexington.” I believe Captain Parker was the leader of the townspeople of Lexington who gathered on the green that morning, and the statue could very well be of him.

  4. quenton david annis says:

    the annis family whent to the colonies in1638, and i recomend the annis familey association history which is approved by the library of congress.
    we go back to13 centuary england ,huntingdonshire to the english civil war and thefight for one man one vote in 1640 putney debates in london to leaving iniskiling ireland the son of a cromwelian soldier to new england to fight in queen annes war and later the french indian war followed by the split in the familly in the end of the english civil war in america that you call the american revolution and half where ethnicaly cleansed to canada borders, and after that the war of 1812 when we burnt the white house (the first nine eleven) followed by the family in america spliting again in the civil war and meeting at gettysburg at little round top when the 20th main sgt annis shot down at the annis in the arkansas regiment..the british war grave commision will tell how many annis died in the first and second world wars and in america one was eaton by sharks on the uss indianappolis after delivering the atom bomb. today their are annis people in bassra and american annis in iraq and serving in american submarines, i belive the annis familey association when they say their are ten thousand annis family members in the u.s.a. and canada.
    god save the queen/ god save the republic of america

  5. Good on ya and three cheers for the Annis family! However, I think the English Civil Wars had been ended for well over one hundred years when the American colonials rebelled.

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