Captain Molly Corbin

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The grave of Margaret “Captain Molly” Corbin (1751-1800) is at West Point, New York at the side of the U.S.M.A. Chapel. When the British attacked Fort Washington in 1776, she was wounded in action while substituting for her fallen husband who lay at her side. For her heroism in battle the Congress awarded her a pension. Today, her memorial which was erected in 1926, by the New York Daughters of the American Revolution serves as inspiration for female cadets at all of the military academies. Margaret Corbin at Wikipedia.

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The image, USMA – West Point, NY, is subject to copyright by sheena1chi. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, an administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool. (2)

One Response to Captain Molly Corbin

  1. KROSE & ANDREA says:

    Molly was a true patriot, a dedicated citizen & one who is loved by all. We should remember her as an influential woman of the American Revolution.

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