Last Man of the Revolution

Revolutionary War Image

Private Samuel Downing has gone down in history as one of “The Last Men of the Revolution”.

According to descendants, at the time this photograph was made in 1864, Samuel Downing, was a centurian, and one of the six living soldiers from the Revolutionary War. This portrait of the old soldier was made by famed Civil War-era photographer Matthew Brady.

“DOWNING, SAMUEL” is a documented DAR Patriot Ancestor, #A034292. He was baptised on 1 December 1764, at NEWBURYPORT, ESSEX CO, MASSACHUSETTS and died on 18 February 1867, at EDINBURGH, SARATOGA CO, NEW YORK. He served as a Private from NEW HAMPSHIRE and received a pension for his services, #S40055. Samuel and Eunice GEORGE, his wife, lived in this house, and are buried in this cemetery.

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The image, Samuel Downing, was contributed by shsukatsfan. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.


3 Responses to Last Man of the Revolution

  1. Phil Ellsworth says:

    Samuel Downing’s father, David Downing, and his father-in-law, Moses George, served in both the French and Indian War and in the Revolution. David was wounded at Ticonderoga prior to the Battle of Saratoga; and Moses was wounded at Saratoga.

    A document in my possession signed by Samuel Downing says: “Nine other members of your father’s family engaged in the Revolutionary War. Wife’s father and brother(s) 7 in all were in Revol(ution).” Dated at Edinburg N.Y. Jan. 26, 1866.

    The service records of five of Eunice (George) Downing’s brothers are given in “George Genealogy”, by Keith Greorge.

  2. Phil McCarthy says:

    I saw a photo of Samuel Downing’s home supposedly taken five years ago. It looked to be in great disrepair. Has it since been razed or will it be preserved for posterity?

  3. jeff kraus says:

    You can see the original photo of this soldier plus 4 other Revolutionary War soldiers at:

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