600-Mile March To Victory

Revolutionary War Image

On August 27, 2006, on North Maple Avenue, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, these hearty and happy reenactors were marching on to victory in Virginia. This summer marks the 225th anniversary of the 600-mile march from Rhode Island to Virginia that led to the siege at Yorktown and ended with the spectacular military victory that finally convinced the British to leave the old colony. The end of the Revolutionary War came two years later.

It’s a singular event in American history — that you have thousands of troops of an allied power on American soil,” said historian Robert Selig, who has worked with the National Park Service and the New Jersey Historic Trust in researching the routes.

The story is recounted by the Star-Ledger newspaper in “In the Footsteps of Our Forefathers” BY KRISTEN ALLOWAY. She wrote that “The Revolution happened in your backyard, Even if it was just for a few days in 1781 and 1782.” INDEED, it is true for me, as I live very near the well marked route that Rochambeau and his French army travelled on their way to Yorktown. See Washington-Rochambeau Route, 2005.
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The image, 600-mile march from Rhode Island to Virginia, is subject to copyright by sheena1chi. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.(39)

2 Responses to 600-Mile March To Victory

  1. Ray Acciardo, Sr. says:

    September 17, 2006

    Having just returned from Paris and fortuitously in the area, I was able to attend yesterday’s W3R ceremony at Liberty Corner in NJ.

    I must say it was an inspiring and instuctive reminder of our country’s past yet brief history, and beautifully focused on the important moment when the French forces under General Rochambeau helped us so much. Although I am a doctoral student of European History of a much eariler period (Contantine), the day-long Sunday program went a long way to peaking my attention to that August day in 1781.

    Not surprisingly, the French connection was also insrumental in stimiluating me to this hsitorical period.

    I thank you for the opprotunity to become more familiar
    with our Nation’s past.



    THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, FOR HONORING THOSE THAT FOUGHT AND DIED FOR OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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