Castle Hill, Rhode Island

Revolutionary War Image

This beautiful 19th century lighthouse now occupies Castle Hill, at the east passage of Narragansett Bay near Newport, Rhode Island. However during the American Revolutionary War there was an 18th century watchtower with a battery of cannons nearby. In April of 1776, the HMS Scarborough and the HMS Cimetar were attacked from this point. The British ships had been run out of Newport harbor by American patriots who had stolen two ships from the British fleet. The warships Scarborough and Cimetar gave chase, but rebel cannon fire from every side forced them to anchor between Jamestown and Rose Island. Soon cannon fire erupted from the nearby shore and the Scarborough and Cimetar sailed unpeaceably away.

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The image, Castle Hill Lighthouse, is subject to copyright by Dragonmetal. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.


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  1. Jerome J. Levans says:

    The men responsible for attacking the British Pirates were members of the Regiments of Colonel William Richmond of Little Compton, RI and that of Colonel Henry Babcock (Later commanded by Christopher Lippitt of Cranston, RI). Leading the two Bateaux was Captain Grimes and the Artillery, Captain Elliot of the Artillery component assigned to the two Regiments. Others may have participated however, they remain to be identified.

    Some of the weapons they used to fortify Newport and the surrounding area posts, were acquired by the US Marines. Admiral Esek Hopkins provided them with powder, cannon and equipment liberated from Fort Nassau, the first US Marine Amphibious assault.

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