Molly Pitcher in Battle

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The Battle of Monmouth took place on the 27th of June in 1778. It was at this battle where a Molly Pitcher became famous for fetching pitchers of water in the summer heat for the battle weary soldiers.   

This painting is a “New Deal” mural showing a legendary Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth. It was commissioned by the United States Treasury Department during the Great Depression and was completed in 1935, by artist, Gerald Foster. Owned by the United States Postal Service, the artwork is currently on loan to the Monmouth Coounty, New Jersey Library where it is on display at the Library’s headquarters.

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The image, Monmouth County Library Headquarters, is subject to copyright by sheena1chi. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.

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  1. Mickey says:

    hey, does anybody know where the canon she used is now? Is it like, on display somewhere?

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