General Washington Defaced

Revolutionary War Image

The Signatures of Evil-Doers and America Haters 

At Brooklyn, New York’s Continental Army Plaza this defaced memorial to General George Washington during the freezing winter of 1777-1778, was photographed on 28 July 2007. This public park was named for the equestrian sculpture of America’s greatest patriot, George Washington (1732-1799). Washington spent his entire adult life in service to his people as a military man and finally as the Commander in Chief and first President of the new United States of America.

The statue of George Washington, created by the renown sculptor Henry Mervin Shrady (1871-1922), was dedicated more than 100 years ago, in 1906. Shrady portrayed General Washington during the horrible six-month encampment with his rebel army at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. That bitterly cold winter took a terrible toll, with an estimated one quarter of Washington’s army perishing, about 2500 men. It was largely because of George Washington’s leadership abilities that his army survived at all.

Washington’s men who suffered and froze to death at Valley Forge made those sacrifices so that “posterity” could someday live free. We are that “posterity”, but are we worthy of such a legacy? Such desecration of a public monument to our country’s founder is unforgiveable. Is there no respect for America’s greatest leader? Is there no help for us to preserve the memory of our forbears? Is there no regard for anything of value in this day and age in America?

Sadly, from this photograph and the one at this site (General Washington Statue), it appears that there has been a constant battle to keep this statue in a respectable condition, as the cleaning and sand-blasting signs show. Because we value freedom and liberty, those who hate and despise America and American values of freedom and liberty, will always be with us, it seems. We will be at war forever against evil doers. 

Continental Army Plaza

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The image, NYC – Brooklyn – Williamsburg: Continental Army Plaza – George Washington at Valley Forge – The Monument, is subject to copyright by wallyg. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.

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