Founding Father of Canada

Revolutionary War Image

The American Revolution and General Benedict Arnold birthed another nation to be, — Canada.

When the American Revolution broke out in 1775, General Washington sent two armies headed by two great American generals to save Quebec City from the British and to conquer British Canada. In the early morning hours of New Year’s Eve, 1775, Generals Richard Montgomery and Benedict Arnold marched to Quebec and launched a dramatic nighttime assault.
Tragically General Montgomery was killed in battle. Although Benedict Arnold was severely wounded, his tenacious troops fought their way into Quebec City where they scaled the barricade that defended the lower town. Behind the barricade, British regulars and French and English militia met them to battle, and successfully defend their city from the Americans.
Today in Canada, Canadian students barely study the American Revolution, as Canadian educators consider it to be an event in the land of their behemoth Southerly neighbor. Yet, if Generals Washington, Montgomery and Arnold had succeeded, Canada as it is today, would not exist. Undoubtedly, the British lands would have been conquered and become part of the new nation of the United States. Instead, those lands became populated by Loyalist refugees from the new United States, where they created the provinces of Upper Canada (Ontario) and New Brunswick. Almost one hundred years later, in 1867, the British colonies that Benedict Arnold had failed to capture, came together to form the Dominion of Canada.
Hence, in a round-about way, American patriot turned traitor, General Benedict Arnold, by his failure at conquest, may in fact be, the “Founding Father of Canada.” 

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