Rochambeau in Lafayette Square

July 13, 2006

Revolutionary War Image

Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau (1725-1807) was a French soldier who assisted the American revolutionaries. Upon his return to France he was honored by Louis XVI for his assistance to the Ameircans, however during the Reign of Terror, he narrowly escaped the guillotine.

This monument of Rochambeau was created by Ferdinand Hamar, and unveiled in Lafayette Square, Washngton DC, on May 24, 1902, as a gift from France to the United States.

The image above, Lt. General Rochambeau, is from dbking at Flickr. It is posted here by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.

The Webb House

February 28, 2006

Here Generals Washington and Rochambeau Planned the Campaign Ending at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.

“We fix on our Standards and Drums the Colony arms, with the motto, Qui Transtulit Sustinet, round it in letters of gold, which we construe thus: God, who transplanted us hither, will support us.” – From a letter regarding the Lexington Alarm dated Wethersfield, CT., April 23, 1775. See “The Way of Liberty: the English Colony of Connecticut in New England”.

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