Peter Tondee’s Tavern

February 6, 2009

From the museum at the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution:

The Georgia room is modeled after a room from Peter Tondee’s tavern in Savannah, Georgia. The tavern, no longer standing, was in business from 1770-1785. Objects seen in the room are based on Tondee’s probate inventory. Taverns fulfilled numerous functions providing food, drink, lodging, and rooms for entertainment and meetings. Tondee’s tavern served as a meeting place for the “Sons of Liberty”, and was the site of the raising of the first Liberty Pole and the first reading of the Declaration of Independence in Georgia. After Peter Tondee’s death, his widow, Lucy Mouse Tondee, operated the tavern until 1783. (NSDAR Museum, Virtual Tour of Peter Tondee’s Tavern)

Sons of Liberty

December 21, 2006

Revolutionary War Image

Marx “Warriors of the World” toy soldiers with tin “Sons of Liberty” tavern in the background. A wonderful Christmas gift in days of yore.

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Plaque on Fraunces Tavern

July 23, 2006

Revolutionary War Image

Fraunces Tavern Web Site

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Sons of Liberty

June 27, 2006

Revolutionary War Image

Providence, Rhode Island

“Upon this corner stood the Sabin Tavern in which on the evening of June 9th 1772 the Party met and organized to destroy the H.R.M Schooner Gaspee, in the destruction of which was shed the first blood in the American Revolution.”

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The Liberty Tree

December 21, 2005

Photo of a Photo of the Liberty Tree, Originally uploaded by Robert Pollack.

On Saint John’s College campus in Annapolis, Maryland there was a great spreading tulip poplar tree that stood for hundreds of years until 1999. It was the last “Liberty Tree” where the Sons of Liberty gathered to talk about sedition. The tree was severely damaged during a hurricane and ceremoniously cut down.