What They Say

When they shout at us, we do our darndest to shout right back!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cow Hampshire

“Genealogy blogs I like: ‘Blogging the Revolution'”.

Sunday Morning Coffee

Blogging the Revolution – While visiting Neddy, this link caught my attention. I suspect this blog also belongs to Neddy. Either way… To understand the present, we must understand the past.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eclipse Ramblings

Blog plug – Not mine, but Blogging the Revolution of 1776. Stop by for plenty of interesting American History.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Edna Barney has a blog called “Blogging the Revolution.” The post topics include memorials, gravesites, statues, battlefields, etc. She includes a picture for every post, and some descriptive material. The site is wonderful.

Check her Archives for earlier posts. All of the posts are conveniently catalogued by year, state, patriot’s name, etc. along the right hand of the site.

At the top of the blog, there is a “My Patriots” tab which provides a paragraph on each of Edna’s Revolutionary War patriots. Very nicely done.

Take a moment and visit Blogging the Revolution – you’ll enjoy it!

17 March 2007

Kinexxions – Genealogy and History Blogs

1 October 2007

EwanPark U.S. Government

— The Excitement of the Revolution [10.01.07]

For those who are inspired not only by the ideas of the American Revolution (which is our focus in this course) but also the events and personalities of the war itself, the following is a little diversion into that fascinating period. Click here to go the site itself.

25 August 2008

Rag Linen – Historic Newspapers

3 Responses to What They Say

  1. pinguin says:

    I was looking for pictures of Molly Pitcher not where her grave stone is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumbos!

  2. Dear Sir or Ma’am,
    My name is Kevin Kretschmar and I am the membership and advertising director of the American Revolution Association, the nations first and only magazine on the American Revolution. We are doing an article in our upcoming issue on the Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hayes). I came across a photo of the statue that sits atop her grave on this website. We would like to use this great photo in the next issue of our magazine (out the first of September). I also think there are many more great images on your site that we would love to reproduce for future issues of our magazine. We would of course credit your site and the photographer. Please let me know if you are interested, we would love to work out a deal. If you would like to know more about the magazine and see a PDF copy of our first issue (January 09), you can visit our new website at http://www.americanrevolutionassociation.com.

    Kevin Kretschmar
    P.O. Box 1776
    Camden, SC 29021

    • Edna Barney says:

      Kevin – almost all of the photographs are from flickr.com, where you can contact the individual photographers. Almost all of the writings are my own.

      “All images here are used with permission via the flickr.com API and and are subject to copyright. The written text is copyrighted to this site’s author, Edna Barney, unless otherwise attributed, and is subject to fair use.”

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