George Stapleton, Senior

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Revolutionary War Soldier

Bob Bowman, the photographer, wrote that this grave is located in Jefferson County, Georgia, between the small towns of Wrens and Stapleton. The cemetery is known as the Dixon family cemetery, but has more Stapleton’s buried there than Dixon’s. It is located in the middle of a cow pasture on the farm of a relative of his wife. The owner of the property claims that it was once part of a grant from the King of England.

From NSDAR Records (DAR Ancestor # A108870):
Birth 21 Dec 1760 VIRGINIA
Service State/Organization: GEORGIA

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The image, Old Cemetery in the Cow Pasture, is subject to copyright by Robert 345. It is posted here with permission via the Flickr API by barneykin, administrator of “The Revolution flickred” pool.

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  1. Art Stapleton says:

    This Revolutionary War Soldier had short battle engagements before he and his recruiter friend William Rouse were captured and sent off to prison ships at St. Augustine, Florida. They were released at the end of hostilities.

    According to Nancy Fletcher’s book, “Some Early Settlers of State of Georgia: Beatys, Peels, Stapletons”, George Lawson Stapleton, at age 16 or 17 years, was recruited into the American Revolutionary Army (in Virginia by Wm. Rouse and David Rannie) as a private in Capt. Garrard’s company of the 3rd Georgia Regiment, commanded by Col. Scriven. His National number is 90503. He served in several campaigns, including the defense of Savannah, GA. He was actively involved in two separate efforts to recapture Augusta, GA, which had been under British Control since 29 Jan 1779. He was captured at Briar Creek at about the time of the 2nd attack on Augusta and held as a prisoner of war aboard a British prison ship(s) until the end of the War in 1783. The Nancy Fletcher book reports that while at St. Augustine, FL, he met Margaret Downer at a dance at the Fort. After the war in 1783 they were married. She was born in Ireland. Family tradition says that she was an orphan, a redhead, raised by a grandmother and an aunt, believed to be a Mrs. Connell. The names of her parents and what happened to them are not certain except that a John Downer is named in a book about the Downers as her father.

    As the above is tradition and some facts, there are questions about the accuracy of his marriage at St. Agustine. It may be more accurate that they married at Savannah, GA where George was mustered out.

    After the war, while on his way back to Virginia, erroneously believing his family was still in Loudoun County, VA., George and his bride stopped at Charleston, SC to visit Wm. Rouse, They returned to Georgia, taking land in Jefferson County which was part of an area set aside for the Scotch-Irish immigrants. George’s wife, Margaret Downer and he Aunt came from Ireland. (A copy of Rouse’s letter to George is available)

    This writer believes George Stapleton adopted the Lawson middle name after the war.

    George’s parents have note been fully identified. The only Stapleton family of record in Loudoun County during that era was Thomas Stapleton, wife Elizabeth Lambert Stapleton, siblings: Thomas, Jr., Elizabeth. More information availble.

    This writer will appreciate any help in defining the veracity of George’s war history as well as his ancrestors, probably of Westmoreland Co., VA prior to Loudoun County, VA.

    More photos and info about the graveyard are available.

  2. Dudley Marchant says:

    I have some family connections here. George Lawson Stapleton, Sr, had a son named James Stapleton. He married Christian Marchant. She was the daughter of my G,G,Great grandfather, Isaac Marchant.
    I have been to this cemetary. The name you posted (Dixon) is Dickson.
    One of Jame’s daughters, married Thomas J. Dickson.
    The land that this cemetary is on, was granted to George Stapleton Sr.
    by the government for his war services. After his death it became the
    property of one of the son’s and then later became the property of Thomas J. Dickson. Even though it is called the Dickson Cemetary, it is really the George Stapleton Cemetary. Everyone that is buried there is family members.

    • Reuben Norris Marchant says:

      Dudley, how are you and your family? Are you still doing our family history?

      • Hi Dudley and Reuben, my name is Elaine Perdue Dailey and I was told that John Downer Stapleton was my great great grandfather and his parents were James and Christian Marchant Stapleton. This would be the John Downer Stapleton who was born in 1823 and died in 1901. Do either of you have any info on him and would like anything you have on James and Christian also. I am having the DNA testing done to be sure I am a descendant of these Stapleton’s. My email is Thanks for any info you can give!

  3. Art Stapleton says:

    Quoted above,I supposed that the only other Stapleton in Loudoun Co., VA in 1760, Thomas Stapleton, could have been George’s family. It was NOT, as proven by DNA comparisons between descendants of George Lawson Stapleton and descendants of Thomas Stapleton of Westmoreland Co. THe DNA results shows NO family relationship.Likewise, George and Thomas’ DNA does NOT match that of the Robert P. Stapleton families of Fairfax and Montgomery Cos., VA.
    We are still

  4. Erich Frazier says:

    Art, I enjoyed your writing about George. He was my g-g-g-g-g-grandfather. I have been to the cemetery several times. I put in the Confederate stone for my g-g-g-grandfather Capt. William Henry Douglas. I was wondering if you have a complete list of George’s decendants.I only have the line that led to me.

    Thanks Erich

  5. Art Stapleton says:

    Erich: Our generations from George Sr to you and me, is about the same. I descend from George’s son William. I have the info you requested and it is available to you via e-mail attachment. I’ll need your e-address. The book, including my own update since 1967 when it was final typed,was presented to those who helped collect the histories, was found on and old film strip. I re-typed the 240 pages and added some updates. It will come via a WORD processor file which you can print or read at leisure. The book also has chapters about the PEEL and BEATTY Irish families who lived in Georgia with our families after the Rev. War.. A good read.

    Art Stapleton

  6. Dixie Diane Stapleton says:

    my g father was william lawson stapleton, we were all from Ga

    • Fay Burnett says:

      Hello. I have started a facebook page “George Lawson Stapleton Sr.” if you want to join the group. I descended from his son, George L. St. Jrl. . Sincerely, Fay Stapleton Burnett

  7. Dixie Diane Stapleton says:

    my g father was william lawson stapleton, we were all from Ga , i live in loudoun va

    • Art Stapleton says:

      Dixie: As you reside in Loudoun Co., VA, and possibly heard family conversations about ancestors, there are two or more issues needing some light, they include: Where in Loudoun Co. VA did the original George’s family reside relative to today’s land descriptions? Did your grandfather or others comment more about George, such as the source for George’s middle Lawson name? There was a family closeby named Lawson, sons Hugh and James. Our George and son Thomas were known to get supplies from the Glassford & Henderson Mercantile (Library of Congress). Where was it located? Do you have a copy of the Fletcher book? If you prefer responding directly, please note my E-address in my April comments. Thanks for sharing here with our growing group. Any inside family hearsay?? Possibly others will respond, too. Art S.

      • Dixie Harding says:

        Actually I / my family ended up in Loudoun Va in 1976 just by sheer coincidence or maybe the wind blew us this way? Maybe my dad Charles C Stapleton ( William Lawson Stapletons son) moved us here to chase his roots? He has passed away now so we can’t ask him. I know of a Fletcher family in the area here ranging from Loudoun to Brunswick and West Va ( on the tri line) , Funny too my high school English teachers names was Margarett Downer. Lovely tiny little elderly redheaded lady from England who held her own. She of course has passed on . She taught from Herndon High.

      • Alphabetic List of Customers in the Dumfries Stores Ledgers
        Dumfries, Prince William County, VA
        Name Ledger Source Page
        1765-1766 H(V) 118
        Security for John 1765-1766 H(V) 202
        1767 I 121
        1767-1768 K(V) 99
        Estate 1771-1772 O 164
        Estate 1774-1775 R 132
        Estate 1775-1776 S(V) 150
        Laws, Rachell
        1771-1772 O 56
        Lawson & Muschett
        1775-1776 S(V) 128
        1758-1764 DP 92
        Lawson, Gaven
        1765 G 227
        Lawson, James
        1773-1774 Q 251
        Lawson, James, Maryland
        1768-1769 L 297
        Lawson, John
        1774-1775 R 258
        1775-1776 S(V) 121
        Lawson, Thomas
        1758-1764 DP 108
        1758-1764 DP 119
        1758-1764 DP 173
        1758-1759 B 11
        1758-1759 B(M) 11
        1760 C 100
        1760 C(M) 130
        Mrs. 1762-1763 E 203
        1763-1764 F 213
        1765 G 150
        1765-1766 H(V) 111
        1767 I 95
        1767-1768 K(V) 227
        1768-1769 L 178
        1771-1772 O 186
        1773-1774 Q 206
        1774-1775 R 173
        1775-1776 S(V) 105
        1775-1776 S(V) 191

  8. Chris Stapleton says:

    I am descended from George’s son Thomas. Thomas had a son named Sidney Hillman Stapleton. Sidney and his wife,Elizabeth Beaty, moved to Alabama shortly after their marriage. They both died as a result of the civil war. They left seven children that were divided amongst their uncles. One of these children was James Lawson Stapleton 08/16/1850- 12/20/1910, he was my GG Grandfather. I am interested in any information concerning which uncle raised him and how he came to reside in Griffin GA ;the birth place of my great grandfather, James Tyre Stapleton 11/14/1878-8/21/1947; my grandfather,William Tyre Stapleton Sr. 3/31/1921-4/7/2004; and my father, William Tyre Stapleton Jr. 2/16/1943-present. Any information or leads would be appreciated. I am new to this. A random google search lead me to Fletcher’s book. It was fairly easy to trace my family line directly from George Lawson Sr. to my 10 year old son (9th generation). It was exciting to find out I was a descendant of a Rev. War veteran, and the Dec. 21st, 2010 marks the 250th anniversery of his birth.
    Incidently Fletcher’s book spells the middle name “Tyre”. But my grandfather (who’s name is in the book), father, and younger brother spell it “Tyra”. I have heard my GGrandfather was called Tyre, pronounced “Tyree”. I hill check his grave marker for the spelling the next time I visit the Andrews, Johnson, Stapleton, cemetary in Griffin GA,
    Thanks for any information.

    • Fay Stapleton Burnett says:

      Hello………did you see my comment below about a facebook page for George Lawson Stapleton Sr Descendants? Thanks Fay Stapleton Burnett, Winder, Ga.

  9. Fay Burnett says:

    Hello I have started a facebook page “George Lawson Stapleton Sr.” if you want to join the group. I descended from his son, Geo L St Jr. Sincerely, Fay Stapleton Burnett

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